Turtle poop.
Oh goodness! Gregory, clean up that turt that your pet turtle Madison just laid on my shirt.

Is that a dead bug floating in the water or is it just a turt?

Come Raphael, lets beat Michaelangelo with his own nun-chucks for clogging up our toilet with that monstrous turt!
by TMNTLUKE July 10, 2009
Top Definition
a slow person, retarded originated from turtle
you a slow ass turt.
by Yung Ron March 22, 2006
a female who's face and body language resembles a turtle.

"Look theres Turts!"
"AWW You had sex with Turts!"
by NPSS February 15, 2009
A chat message (IRC, AIM, Google Talk, etc) typo for 'truth' or 'true'.
Person 1: the guy is clearly incompetent
Person 2: turt

by DKLONE June 28, 2007
Something that tickles and hurts - to the same degree - at the same time.
Ahhh stop touching me there. That turts!
by Georazz October 02, 2010
turd and a fart
I've been holding it so long, I hope I dont turt
by Jonmanuel February 09, 2010
a sound a butt makes therefore someone that is called that deserves to be considered a stupid ass.
"What a turt!"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008

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