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sexually excited, sexually aroused, sexually stimulated
I'll bet he was turned on when he saw her with her pants down. We all know he is a pervert.
by Light Joker November 05, 2005
609 190
To be sexualy excited!
I could go for some sex im that turned on!
by Daniellian August 31, 2005
525 348
1)to have an erection
2)to become excited
man did you see the way she was lookin?
i got sooo turned on
by jack July 17, 2003
381 247
A Strong Lustful Sexual Desire, feeling Sexy Randy Horny ejaculation-inducing sensations!
I feel turned on when I see a rock hard cocks cumming during my CUMpilation DJ music videos

It turns me on watching men cum in close-up & slow-motion in Google SEARCH for: " The CUMpilation DJ video " ;)
by CUMpilation-DJ March 10, 2011
248 217
When you are on a first person shooting game e.g. Call of Duty, when an enemy is shooting you from behind, and you turn around and kill him.
iReasonZ x got turned on..
by RzX CruciaL and RzX WertherZ September 10, 2010
126 262