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a derogatory term referring to those of "Turkish" and/or "Ottoman" descent, usually used by greeks. turko is unfortunately becoming an obsolete diss, so greeks have moved on to making fun of albanians.
Damn turko, you stole my cheese!
by zt! December 19, 2005
Post-Thanksgiving tacos made with turkey. The small version of that would be turkeytos.
"What should we make with the turkey leftovers?" "I know, let's make some turkos!"
by kwebekwe December 18, 2009
Northern Californian slang for a turkey sandwich which includes heart-stopping amounts of mayonnaise. Used as population control for Subway sandwhich eaters.
Paramedic: "Damn I hate Subway"


Paramedic: " I have had to go there 5 times in the last month to pick up the bodies of turko eaters."
by Clive Owens July 09, 2009
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