Two beers, and a shot of Wild Turkey 101
Can't beat a turkey sandwich during the Thanksgiving holiday!
by urbanspan December 02, 2010
another name for vagina
if you've ever seen/felt up a vagina you'll know it's a lot like a turkey sandwich, though i don't know if it taste like one
Man:"I think I'll squirt some of my mayo into her turkey sandwich."
by Mia Cock August 23, 2010
Running up to someone and acting like you are going to punch them in the balls while having a friend take a picture of their reaction to your "punch". (do not actually punch them).
Guy #1 "oh look at this picture"
Guy #2 "what is it"
Guy #1 "it ls a guy getting a turkey sandwich"
Guy #2 "hahaha look at his face"
by Rhynocio May 12, 2012
When a person leaves ventrilo to nerd rage or freak out.
Did you hear about the kid that turkey sandwiched yesterday?
by Troxaska November 29, 2010
1.Pure awesome palced between two pre-sliced slices of bread.
2.Sandwich type that is the best. Decided in the great "Turkey Ham war"
Ham sucks.-----------------------It really does.
Turkey was only declined as Americas National bird because if it was, how could we eat it in turkey sandwich form?
put Mayonnaise on your penis and place a slice of turkey on the girl's pussy then proceed to have sex.
yo i turkey sandwiched my girlfriend last night
by eaknasty October 17, 2008
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