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n. Time to muff dive. Orig. What does a turkey say? "Gobble gobble." This phrase comes from the worse movie of all time, Gigli, in which J-Ho spreads her legs and says...
It's turkey time--you know, gobble, gobble.
by Ben Assflecks August 01, 2003
A turkey says gobble gobble and if you gobble somthing you eat it.

turkey time > eating out a girl

gobble gobble> the licking you do
During oral sex wit that hoe down the street she asked if it was turkey time and i responded with gobble gobble.

Yummy cooter juice!!!!!!!!!
by whitey May 06, 2005
Sex; Derived from the term stuffing someone like a turkey.
I'm horney, that must mean it's turkey time.
by Philip Murillo December 03, 2003
The time in which one consumes 101 proof Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey.
Chris: What you drinkin
Matt: I haven't blacked out in awhile... It's Turkey Time.
Justin: Have fun with that, I'm taking a nap.
by ohiouparty September 23, 2011
A reminder that Gobble (felatio) is on the regular schedule and the "time" has come.

During christmas or Thanksgiving when the turkey is ready to be carved at the table and family takes there seats.
" I know you've been called to a late shift at the hospital but you cant go. Its Turkey time!

"Everyone sit at the table and lick you lips becuase its Turkey Time"
by scotsman1821 August 09, 2007
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