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1. Visible particles of food present in feces (peanuts, carrots, etc).

2. An acquiantance who constantly brags.

3. State of a ballsack post-anal insertion, typically achieved during intercourse with major league skanks.
1. "Dude come peep these turdnuts before I flush them down to our water supply!"

2. "So um guess who just got a job wearing suits all day?" "You, turdnuts?"

3. "Wow that bitch's asshole was so loose I had no problem making turdnuts!"
by twix715 December 29, 2010
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Someone that is crabby and annoying. They always feel like killing them selves from the depression that does not really exist. A turdnut also has ginormous boobies and a fat booty!
Kristina is a turdnut because she is a loser with no friends.
by Fallinstar258 December 26, 2010
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Someone who is completely outside of their damn minds and yet also full of crap.

Could also be a very hard solid and almost walnut shaped piece of poop, the kind that hurts when it comes out and causes the wet cheeks affect (when toilet water and/or piss splashes onto your rear from the impact of the solid fecies)
"That turd nut over there just told me that she saw a special on c-span about Canada, USA, and Mexico becoming one country."

"I am having the worst night possible! I was on a date, hadn't had my benafiber and I passed a huge turd nut at the restaurant and when I went to wipe my wet ass there was no toilet paper so I had this huge yellow ring on the seat of my white skirt the rest of the night"
by AMDAK1718 December 14, 2009
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