Old School Gaming term. Used in fighting games, refers to someone playing very defensively. Blocking, ducking, running back etc.
Player 1: ahhh! my health is low =(

Player2: Stop turdling! you're gonna die either way. Might aswell go out in style.
by Techniques September 13, 2008
Top Definition
n. 1. son of a turd, runs in the family.
2. little pieces of shit, feces, excrements.
1. ex. You just a turdling compares to your dad!
2. ex. I don't like how your turdlings are clogging up my toilet!
by ZionMagus August 14, 2003
A weasle like co-worker who blocks any hope of enjoyment.
I was heading for the stairs 15 minutes early when the turdling spotted me, so now I'm stuck here until 5.
by fatmacman August 12, 2005

a meager drop of shit hanging from the anus that refuses to drop unless wiped away causing not discomfort but of being just an annoyance
Fuck man, why won't this turdling just fucking drop!?!?
by Pimpilicious August 01, 2003
The feeling and smells left after having just dropped a massive turd.
oh man this turnlinger is killin my ass.
by HighCommanderLars December 13, 2003
tiny shit
Person A:HA HA
Person B:Oh you must be clearly laughing at that turdling you did in the bog
Person A:ye good guess
by V3NN3R April 07, 2009
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