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An especially pathetic, low to moderate income individual that attempts to inflate their perceived social status by acquiring material goods sometimes associated with their wealthier counterparts - but immediately identifiable as peasants by their attempts to do so.

Peasants often attempt to acquire things like Louis Vuitton purses, lower end version BMW or Jaguar automobiles, large but poor quality solitaire diamonds for rings, new version cell phones, trendy sunglasses, and bottle service tables at nightclubs.
Such individuals typically lack the education or worldly exposure to realize that they actually look like low class impostors to anyone wealthy enough to comfortably afford such high end consumer items.
The women waiting in the free guest list line at the nightclub were clearly identifiable as peasants despite their Louis Vuitton purses and imitation Omega watches.
by the_hao_zi August 22, 2008
Refers to a class of complacent individuals generally unbothered by the state of social, political, economic, or environmental injustice that surrounds them. Such individuals are typically anesthetized by media influences like movies cable TV, magazines, and related consumerism.
We could tell that the women were members of the complacent class as they drove to church in their Hummer SUV after spending the day eating Big Macs and shopping at the mall next to the coal fired power-plant.
by the_hao_zi August 22, 2008
Refers to a group of ethnically exclusionary immigrants that occupy multiple units or residences inside the same apartment building or neighborhood. The term does not necessarily indicate individuals with poor economic conditions.

For instance a large concentration of middle class, immigrant computer programmers residing in close proximity in the same apartment building would create a refugee camp.

The term is especially applicable to immigrants who refuse to interact widely with individuals outside of their own perceived ethnic group.

Such individuals may harbor racist feelings towards other ethnic groups but go unchallenged due to their recent immigrant status.
Groups of immigrants that live in close proximity to one another in the same apartment building but interact little with other residents would create a refugee camp.
by the_hao_zi August 22, 2008
An ignorant, trifling person of typically low educational, social, or economic standing that holds up lines in public places doing things like:
- Removing the contents of a McDonalds order bag in front of the cashier to double check that everything was included, while other people wait
- Slowly recounting returned change in a checkout line, while other people wait
- Methodically instructing workers at Subway how to create their perfect sandwich (e.g. “just a little more mayo, I said more mayo!”, “spread those tomatoes out!”), while other people wait
- Rereading the contents of a receipt at a checkout counter, while other people wait
- Rearranging the contents of their purse or wallet at a checkout counter, while other people wait
- Demanding that a cashier at a fast food restaurant include more french fries with an order (e.g. “there ain’t enough fries with this order”)
- Methodically and slowly piling up food on their plate at a buffet, while other people wait
- Demanding that a public bus to stop and then approaching the bus in a slow manner unconcerned about the other passengers on the bus
- Arguing with a TSA agent in an airport security line about confiscated liquids while other people wait
- Continuing to drive a car in a normal manner when an Ambulance is trying to pass
- Asking restaurant waiters about the exact ingredients of menu items and then requesting numerous substitutions to the ingredients
The turdle at McDonalds removed and inspected the contents of their fast food order at the cashier counter oblivious to the long line of customers waiting behind them.
by the_hao_zi August 23, 2008
Refers to individuals that pursue predictable life paths of primary education followed by college / university and relatively secure, full-time employment in established companies.

Such individuals may occasionally perform some sort of community service but spend most of their spare time engaging in popularized social activities like watching mainstream sports, movies, patronizing membership gyms, shopping, visiting popular pubs and restaurants, and travelling to commonly visited tourist destinations. Such individuals generally only interact with people with similar backgrounds.

Opposites of cowards include non-traditional artists and musicians, certain entrepreneurs, non-mainstream political activists, Peace Corps volunteers, and others who take riskier, more creative, or less predictable paths in life.
A group of cookie cutter cowards handed out corporate business cards at the MBA reunion.
by the_hao_zi August 22, 2008

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