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the simultaneous expulsion of both feces from the anus and jizzum from the penis.

can be done through masturbation or part of a blumpkin

perfect timing is necessary
Whilst spanking on the toilet, I had an earth-shattering turdgasm.
by Sir Jerks-Alot December 25, 2002
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Generally after constipation, when one shits so hard that the feeling of relief and the stimulating of the sensory neurons in the anus, generate an orgasm so intense that many have been know to become enraged and rip the fucking toilet seat off of its hinges.
Roberto: Dude...


Alejandro: I just had a Turdgasm...
by Dr. Douchebag July 07, 2010
The peak phase of an intense dump.
Oooohhhhmmmyyyyygaaawdthhiiiisssshhhiiitfffeeellllsssssoooogggooooooooodddd... Mmmmmmm... Ahhhhhhhh....*

*Sometimes accompanied by mild twitching, grunting, growling, talking-in-tongues or any other involuntary actions or noises.

Me: "I just left a dump and lost 3 pounds."
You: "...Musta been that organic coffee."
Me: "Hmmm... Yea, whatev but damn that shit was almost beter than sex."
You: "Dude I think you had a turdgasm."
by Chester Peppercorn II October 10, 2011

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