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1. (n.) an extremely unpleasant meal.

2. (n.) When a woman after taking a shit wipes back to front.
1. I thought your mom cooked well; this is a total turd taco!

2. Yeah, man, after we went to her place, and I was about to go down on her when I realized that she had a turd taco down there!
by faggotron fo fags June 24, 2006
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A Toyota Tacoma with the TRD (toyota racing develpoment) package.
I can believe he wasted his money on a Turd Taco, the Frontier is a cheaper and more capable truck.
by Grateful Ken December 09, 2007
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The doodie juices that descend from one's buttcheeks, usually they smell of gross doodie.. They are moist, wet and quite slimy. They are a cross between doodie clumps and runny diarrhea, usually a bit more liquidy.
Oh darn, my baby made a rancid doodie in his diaper... Oh Shit, it's a damn runny turd taco.
by John-John Falacoos April 26, 2008
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