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Synonym for fudge packer.
Those two turd hammers just cut me off!
by Charlie Donovan December 01, 2011
Typically a toddler that has filled his pants and then fell on his butt repeatedly resulting in a perfectly "hammered turd".
Hey Mikey..... How ya doing ya little turd hammer?
by renegade63x September 16, 2009
1. a gay man who engages in anal sex
2. a person/object with little or no value/use, ie. a hammer made from turds
1. Awww, geez. Look at Jack and Shaun. Those two turdhammers are goin' at it again!
2. Is Cashman good for anything? He's such a turdhammer!
by Jiminy Criquette September 05, 2007
a person or object that is as useful as using a turd to drive nails.
I was so drunk last night, I was a real turd hammer for driving home.
by Bill Wixby January 14, 2007