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to spin, embellish, spin, puff, enhance, enrich, exaggerate, gild and generally lie like a motherfucker about something to make it seem better and more desirable than it really is
you: "man, you should have seen the girl I fucked last night. she was smokin' hot and craving my johnson juice."
me: "what a load of turd polish asswipe. I did see her. what a toothless skank whore."
you: "well, you can't have everything."
me: "well, i guess it is better than nothing. what's her number?"

Conventional Wisdom:
"you can polish a turd, but it's still a piece of shit."
by spiderbesideher September 23, 2009
turd polish the act of applying nice things to somthing that is a peice of crap in order to hide the fact it is a turd
tom bought a crappy car so puts {turd polish} spinners on it.
by sonicwarhawk December 07, 2005
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