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When someone tries to include you in a "we" that you don't feel part of, the traditional response is "We? What do you mean, we? Do you have a turd in your pocket?" Translates as semi-funny emphatic rejection of false or forced collectivism. (My "do you have a mouse in your pocket?" is the cleaned-up version of the old rhetorical rejection of the false "we.")
#1: We can take care of that.

#2: We? What's this "we" shit? Do you have a turd in your pocket?
by Why da'ya Care October 22, 2007
Part of a sarcastic retort to someone who speaks in the plural form, when it's been commonly understood that they really mean it to be you.
Alice: Joe, how about we go fix the siding on the house?

Joe: What do you mean "we?" Do you have a turd in your pocket?
by ferrettt January 19, 2012