a third generation camaro made from 82-92 usually having the infamous turd 305 engine and automatic transmission that needs paint and bodywork.4th gen V6's can usually beat them , especially the 3.8 lol/when your third gen v8 camaro runs 15-16's in the quarter mile/spray painted interior that looks about ghey
Brandon ran his turd gen at tha local 1/8 mile strip and got a 10.50 out of it(turd)
Damn brandons 1991 305 Camaro RS Automatic is frikin hawt!, Its got spray painted interior(blue) with Lightning Audio Subwoofers in the back , complete with autozone breather and walmart floor mats .... what a turd gen
by henrypissesuoff March 22, 2007
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camaro made from 82-92, usually picked on by 4th gen owners
ha that turd gen sucks ass
by eric March 10, 2004

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