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When "retarded" just isn't enough. People who are turbo-retarded make blondes look like geniuses. A person who blunders every now and then may be called "retarded" by their peers, but it doesn't mean they are a complete waste of space.

People who are "turbo-retarded", on the other hand, can not seem to function in society.

Everything they touch turns to shit.

Every word that escapes their ignorant mouth makes you want to punch them.

Every "though" that goes through their head has enough stupidity to kill a small nation.

You can't even make fun of them; their very being there just makes you pissed.
Person 1: "Hey there's a party going down. You going?"

Person 2: "Alright, who's going?"

Person 1: "Mark, Anthony, Cristy, John..."

Person 2: "Nope."

Person 1: "What why?"

Person 2: "I'm not going if John's going. He's turbo-retarded."
by J.S.H.T. April 11, 2011
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