best rapper of all time definatly better than biggy lyrically biggy talked about main stream biggie wins in a flow contest overall freestyle tupac will win, not racist his first manager was white he also produced albums with another white....
2 good for biggie
by cheech September 02, 2003
Top Definition
2pac - the greatest rapper ever he is without doubt the best black spkesman in history he was a great man he cared for people while maintaining his thug image released many great albums and did many good films wrote great poems and he did not think every white person was a racist he is a great in the hip hop and acting world he is number 1
2pac is the greatest rapper ever
by michael May 15, 2003
Tupac is the best rapper of all time. He was the first to rap about things with meaning, all Biggie rapped about was the normal main stream thigs like every other rapper
"he sold more records and is the numberone M.C. ever"
by bianca December 10, 2003
who knew someone with as little talent as 2pac could be so succesful? pac wanted to start something but diddy took the high road.
that 2pac is such a wuss who complains about everything being racist and all he has is a deep voice....he couldn't tuch biggie lyricaly
by ghettoness June 08, 2003
A dumb and egolistic rapper who died some time in the early nineties. Very arogant and seemed to find every white person a racist, despite the fact alot of his comments were racist against white people themselves. Saying that though, he was a succesful rapper.
"Stop being such a 2pac and thinking everything i say is racist against blacks"
by John April 27, 2003
Tupac shakur is teh shitest rapper ever.... he was so crap, and ppl only liked him when he was dead, or he was more famous...same with van gogh, tupac is just a shitface....cant rap...twista too...he needs to lay off the pie
What a load of shit
by chaz June 07, 2004
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