getting some between a voluptuous pair of knockers.
safe sex by avoiding orifices and the exchange of body fluids.
Jimmy chose to avoid disease by tunneling his rod between Sally's massive breasts.
by MysticalKrystal April 26, 2004
Top Definition
When you kick someone so hard in the ass your foot goes straight in.
"Kirsten watch out..unless you want a good tunneling"
by namelesswoman September 06, 2011
When you beer bong an entire beer through your anus.
"I'm so drunk, I was tunneling an entire beer earlier"
by beeraddict76 December 15, 2013
when one man places his foreskin over another mans penis, hence becoming a tunnel.
Sid and Frank, were tunneling one night together
by May 12, 2007
Inserting a live animal through a tube into someone's anus. Rodents are mainly used. SEE "feltching"
Dave was really into tunneling, he had a favourite gerbil he liked to use.
by Jasvk May 05, 2003
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