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Calm down. Chill. Something you would say to someone who is stressin'. The slang originated from the "I'm the Juggarnaut bitch" internet cartoon.
Person 1: Man I got 2 tests tommorrow and a paper due. I'm fucked.
Person 2: Nigga comb yo beard.
by DIABOLIC4L August 11, 2006
Being fake to someone. Acting like you're cool with someone then going and talking shit behind their back. Similar to crocodile tears but more of a "happy" fake.
Person 1: Hey brother! How's it going dude?
Person 2: I ain't your brother. Fuck you and your crocodile smiles.
by DIABOLIC4L June 02, 2007
1. Saying something that renders people silent, looking at you, and wondering what the fuck you're talking about. 2. Looking stupid.
Person 1: Man this band sucks dude.
Person 2: They sure love being in the tunnel.
by DIABOLIC4L March 23, 2006
Rap/Hip-Hop music that has a catchy hook and shitty lyrics. Usually done by a one hit wonder artist.
Pop, Lock, and Drop it. My Lip Gloss is Poppin. This is Why I'm hot. Party like a Rockstar...etc.

Person 1: I really like this song man.
Person 2: Nah man... it's just catchy, crappy ass hook hop I tells ya!
by DIABOLIC4L November 08, 2007
Intensely cool or awesome.
Person 1: Yo that new Lupe CD is strait mega man yo.
Person 2: Yuzzur
by Diabolic4l November 07, 2006

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