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Tweaking or twisting the nipples of a female's breasts, particularly when done in an awkward or clumsy manner.
"Ouch! Ease up on my nips,dude! You aren't tuning in Tokyo"
by Vito60 August 29, 2008
To tweek or pinch the erect nipple as if it were the tuning knob on an analog radio. Popularized after WWII because the act of inexperienced males trying to please women resembled WWII radio operators adjusting the equipment knobs to 'tune in Tokyo'.
Being presented with his first pair of breasts made Urkle so nervous he did not know what to do and was reduced to his spaz self as the said Tuning in Tokyo while he tweeted the unfortunate girl's nipples
by van8794 May 15, 2010
Used to describe sexual acts concerning female breasts. Usually used to describe feeling them, or playing with the nipples to stimulate sexual arousement.
The Todd: I'd say that Elloits rack is modest at best, but when my favorite attending, here, was "tuning in Tokyo" the other night, he said the reception was excellent!
by The surgeon Todd July 22, 2009

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