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Bus a nut spelled backwards. A clever discreet way to describe ejaculating in or around a womans mouth/vaginal region.
All I remember was after she came out of the room, she wasnt hungry. She told me she got a tuna sub from Christian.
by NOVIAN August 09, 2009
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Tunasub was created by some filthy minds on the twitterverse as an allusion to masturbation. Backwards it spells bus a nut. Used as an incognito way to announce that one has or has the intentions of masturbating.
After a long day, I like to come home, shower and tunasub.
by Annastasia Beaverhausen November 01, 2011
a sub from subway or a girl with a smelly vagina.
dame you smell girl or tuna subs are delicious.
by Tanner doll February 16, 2009

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