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3 definitions by NOVIAN

A crossjoint (two joints sharing a single point of intersection) as made famous by Saul Silver in the movie Pineapple Express.
Lets smoke the siamese blunt first, otherwise it's gonna break when I put it in my pocket.
by NOVIAN August 23, 2009
Bus a nut spelled backwards. A clever discreet way to describe ejaculating in or around a womans mouth/vaginal region.
All I remember was after she came out of the room, she wasnt hungry. She told me she got a tuna sub from Christian.
by NOVIAN August 09, 2009
A verb from the DC metro area used as a substitution for a word that is not appropriate to be said outloud, for whatever reason.
Keep your voice down, we're gonna sneak outta my back window and toggle this behind my garage.

Ay gurl, you trying to toggle Mike Hawk?
by NOVIAN August 18, 2009