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Short for "tears up in your eyes".

Ron: Hey man, what's up?
Joe: Dude. Why you got tuiye's?
Ron: I've just been peeling onions man.
Joe: You said that last time when we were watching Titanic, and the only thing you were peeling was the cardboard off the kleenex box.

tuiye titanic crying tears

by Rodneymullen February 11, 2009
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Very similar to the 'California no' where a person you have been dating suddenly stops replying to text messages or phone calls - giving you the indication that they are no longer keen on pursuing the relationship. The difference is with the 'Tui Yes' that person will, after eight to twelve months, get back in touch with you - and say they are in love with you. Over that whole time, the person ignoring you has been thinking about you and wanting to reply - but doesn't. It is still an unexplained mystery of humankind why not. The name originates from New Zealand, and also has Tongan roots.
"I met this cool chick and we've been hanging out. I think she's really cool. Suddenly she stopped texting and stuff. I think she has given me the California no."
"Nah bro, that's the Tui Yes. Just wait eight months and she'll be all over you."
by Grey Lynn Superstar October 23, 2013

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