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A tuggle is a mix between a hug, a snuggle, and a tackle it also is somewhat of a mix between a glomp as well. They're very fun if done right.
*falls over*
by Rosey♥Greg April 01, 2006
The small, fleshy area at the junction of the sack and the taint. The showing of this piece of manscape is often considered the most offensive gesture known globally; found to be at least 2.4 times as offensive as the middle finger.
That broad at the bar pissed me off, so I lifted my sack and showed her my tuggles!
by scroach March 16, 2010
Like a cuddle, but with a teddy.
'Pass me that teddy, I'm in need of a big tuggle'
by JessSelene April 15, 2009
Toy from the 90's. It had rubber feet and a small plastic leash with a heart on the end. You pulled it along and the rubber feet made it looked like it was walking. It was awesome.
I had the dog tuggles toy.
by LkRose December 05, 2010
A word referencing actor/dancer/security guard, Derrick T. Tuggle, also known as the "dancing dude" in The Black Keys' Lonely Boy music video
Teach me how to Tuggle
by Cierah January 06, 2012
to tuggle, v., transitive

to shake one's derrier in order to signify a song's musical merit.
Yeah, man. I was at this party last night, and none of the chicks started to tuggle until they stopped all that Bieber shit and put on some Black Keys.
by Good Musical Authority February 18, 2013
A tuggle is a furry woodland creature that lives in trees and plays tuggle war to settle arguments.
The tuggles played tuggle war to settle disputes amongst their fellow tree species.
by J ryd February 14, 2011