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a hand job
She gave a great tug job at the end and I busted a nut all over her hand
by Rob December 29, 2003
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The act of manipulating the male genitals without the use of the mouth or vagina. Most commonly performed with the hands but feet and ass clevage are also know to be employed.
Joe asked the woman for a tugjob and she replied by tugging his penis to completion.
by Chris Proce November 30, 2004
Manual stimulation of the penis wherein a distinct base to glans uni-directional motion is utilized with the intention of causing rapid ejaculation in an emotionally non-involved manner.
That crazy ho was giving tugjobs out back of the Taco Tico.
by Slagathor September 21, 2005
A tug occurs when a special bond between 2 people leads to under the table extra curricular activities involving the gentle stroking of the penis using the hands and/or feet.
"Honey, I hope that you haven't forgotten that today is two-tug-tuesday"
"There's nothing I love better than giving you a tug job with my hands and/or feet on two-tug-tuesday!"
by Sir Tugsalot of Camelot June 05, 2009
a slow, nut busting, cum crazy handjob!
After a single sip of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rachel gives tugjobs to all the men in Heather 4. She is a tugjob world champion.
by Sir Ronald Walker August 30, 2005
Another name to call a blowjob or hand job
''hey girl give us a Tug Job!''
by sweet jesus March 08, 2006
A Womans breast's use to wrap around the male's penis, and done in a up and down motion, while the penis is massaged or worked in this way.

As well, can give a blow job through this
And after that, she got on her knees, with her chest wrapped around my penis for a tug job.
by Sudosu January 17, 2008

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