Tit Muffin. The overflow from a woman's bra, (usually out the top but sometimes the side) when her bra is clearly way too small.
"Dude, check out that chick's mad tuffin"
by thegrrlspot December 15, 2011
1. star kicker
2. Donnie of notorious Page criminals Donnie & Clyde
3. see also "lucky pierre"
by ftd October 08, 2003
(Noun) Male muffin tops. When a man wears a pair of tight jeans, skinny's, shorts, strides, boardies, chino's that makes his flab spill out over the waistband. The male version of the female muffin tops. Opposite to female muffin tops.
muffin tops tuff fat camel toe
Hey check out that guys muffin tops..!! "Nar mate their tuffins, cause they're tough".

"Hey man, seen Ben the other day, his tuffins are the sickest dude.. !!"
by TonezStar July 07, 2016
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