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A combination of tuck and cuddle.
"Tuckle up with me, I'll keep you warm."
by snugglebutt November 02, 2006
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Combination of tickle and cuddle. Very sweet combination with lots of laughing.
She laughed and laughed as he kissed and tuckled her.
by Tuckler September 27, 2006
the knuckles on your toes. Usually where the hair grows.
man bruce, you sure have some hairy tuckles
by lettsome July 10, 2008
to cuddle and tuck in at the same time
I tuckled my 3 year old in his bed for the night, then kissed him on the forehead.
by Mama Coley February 07, 2010
When a tickle session turns into a fucking session
He says; Honey, can you give me just a little tickle? She says; sure honey. He Says; Honey can you just tickle my balls a little bit? She says; sure honey. He says; Honey can you put my cock in your mouth? She says; Honey, can I get on top of you? And the Tuckle begins!
by Phrasemaestro September 09, 2015
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