"talk to you later" is the commonly accepted definition of the acronym ttyl. Other definitions include "taste these yummy lips."
An internet conversation comes to a close:

"hey man, i have to go."

"ok. ttyl."
by yreyesylee March 18, 2009
A young-adult book written by Lauren Myracle, written using chat windows. Also, an abbreviation for talk to you later.
"I'm going to go read 'ttyl'"
"Ok, ttyl"
by L is for detective July 10, 2008
Take that, you loser!
We're headed to the concert tonight - TTYL!
by piratefan19 February 03, 2010
Ta Ta you loser
OK, ttyl
by Dribbles68 August 25, 2008
TTYL= tiny tits you loser
by xzfnvfosngfo April 27, 2011
Stands for " talk to you later" or if you're a homosexual you would say " ta ta"

First example used by the regular people, second by the homosexual or gay losers who think they're witty.
Talk to you later j. ttyl.

Ta ta you loser homosexual.
by Ugly Houston fag October 30, 2008
Acronym for "Type to You Later". Widely used by people on internet chat clients, message boards, and instant messange clients. Probably invented by lamers on AOL that they think they are too "cool" to say "good bye" or "I'll talk to you later"
<John21> Hey, I gotta run, I have to meet my girlfriend at the mall.
<l33tAOLd00d> ttyl
by CocoRice July 06, 2003

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