Short for "Talk To You Later".

commonly used on massively multiplayer online games and chat rooms.
Dood1: Hey man i g2g eat, TTYL!

Dood2: Sure bud, bonapetit!
by FLking May 21, 2007
Top Definition
talk to you later
by dawn June 15, 2002
Talk to you later.
Used instead of saying goodbye.
"Got to go. TTYL"
"Ok, bye."
by Stephen Noell October 04, 2005
Means "Talk to you later".
"Sorry, I g2g."
"That's okay, ttyl."
"Yeah, ttyl."

by Parisa Baripour February 26, 2008
when someone has to leave, they formally say ttyl (talk to you later)
Bye Mary, ttyl

formally used in instant messaging and game messages
by Mike Cicero December 26, 2007
Abbreviation for "talk to you later"
Person 1: "See ya later"
Perosn 2: "Yep, ttyl"
by sensfan March 18, 2013
Talk to ya later
Talk to ya later
by Talk to ya later August 04, 2003
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