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internet/ instant messaging slang for: To Tell You The Truth
ttutt it wasnt john that broke your ps2....it was me...
by the real pieman August 15, 2007

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TTuTT is used as a happy, sometimes satisfied, crying face in internet conversations (mainly in asia or amongst anime fans) The upper parts of the T's represent closed eyes and the lines down are a constant flow of tears in a way often presented in comic anime/manga. u is obviously a mouth.
person 1: what are you so happy about??
person 2:TTuTT I just received the last volume of 'insert a name of manga'. i can't believe it's all over, but it was great!

K a cheesy example. another one:

person 1: i haven't heard of you for ages!
person 2: me too!
person 1: *hug* TTuTT
person 2: TTuTT
by erika ehmann May 06, 2007