1. The act of being underwater and holding ones breath for a long period of time; to camp within the depths of open water; to never stand on dry land

2. The act of fishing without any fish; to do nothing but no other; to have no skills
Where you will find fish...you will find a tsunami.
by Albacore October 24, 2003
nickname for takeru kobayashi, a japanese competitive eater who holds the world record for hot dog eating. in october 2006, he set a new high of eating 53 and 3/4 hot dogs in 12 minutes
omg the tsunami set another record in hot dog eating again!! *in awe
by shalalala November 25, 2006
*In the Tenchi storyline, she is one of the three goddesses. She is also what Sasami will look like when she's an adult, because Sasami died at a young age and thus Tsunami merged with her corpse to revive her.

*Japanese for "port wave" (?), which is, in essence, a HUGE tidal wave. Tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes underneath the ocean, specifically the Pacific Ocean, and the result of this phenomenon is a towering wave of ocean water that is capable of destroying & drowning almost anything in its path.
"The tsunami that attacked the Orient, among other nations, is the largest tsunami in history. And the freaky part is that it occurred right after Christmas! And if that isn't scary enough, America's west coast is under the threat of a tsunami just like the one post-Christmas. Anyway, let's lend a helping hand to those who suffered from the cruel aftermath of this ungodly tsunami."
by Dave December 30, 2004
Donald Trump of the seas.
Tsunamis are good for DT. Inlands
become beach front property and new
condos can litter the islands.
by Mayuura November 09, 2007
Verb - To Tsunami someone is when they are sleeping, you rest your Anus over their mouth, and let one rip (if you know what i mean). Preferably Wet or Eggy.
Friend - Dude, my mouth tastes like someones ass.
Guy - *cough*tsunami*cough*
Friend - Hwat?
Guy - Oh.....nothing
by Vaskinator June 12, 2006
full: Tsunami Tide. n. A gorgeous girl of Puerto Rican descent who governs over The Delta Waterfall. Also Tsu, Tsumies, Tsunami-cakes and Angelpooh.
I love Tsunami.
by dbwang January 28, 2003
Something the owns asia hardcore.
Man, that tsunami fucking owned thailand.
by cadmiumsulfide March 23, 2005

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