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An expression of disapproval, contempt, or dissatisfaction conveyed by use of this sound.

Also may be used as an expression in strenous situations.
1.)Kinga: Periods are fun to talk about.
Lauren: It looks like I sat on a knife.
Roger: Tsss, how can you bleed for 7 days without dying?

2.)As Roger went up for a layup, he tsss'd.
by K.B. May 23, 2005
sizzling when u put something on it or touch it..........
That girl is tsss meaning she is hot!!!
or when u touch someones privates they are tsss!!!!
by Maynard November 08, 2003
look at all these people puttin down opinions... should i even attemp to type any further ???...
nuff said...
by mindless_ November 17, 2003