acronym for Team Screaming Fetus, a crew from Atlanta that excells in various games. Partially Related to Screaming Fetus, a fps clan from Savannah GA, but many of its members are now moving to Atlanta to join TSF. Known also for excessive alcohol use during gaming sessions and tournaments, with one member winning several Soul Calibur 2 tournaments drunk
Who that crew that be winnin tournaments with a handle of vodka in their backpacks? TSF BITCH
by WangMaster August 22, 2004
Top Definition
That shit funny!
@macmiller: Ima start my own thing that means laughing... Hmmm... TSF - that shit funny
by macmilla April 26, 2011
Thats some funny shit
A: Whats a cheese thats not yours??? NACHO CHEEZ!!!! Ahahahahaha isnt it funny?
B: tsfs...
by smurfymurfy June 19, 2010
An abreviation used to mean Too short for school. Referring to girls Kilt length at private schools.
Jenny wrote a note saying that beths kilt is tsfs.
by cr4ck4h4t4 June 25, 2009
The Systems Fucked.
When something goes wrong.
"man he is TSF"
"lewis totally fucked the system"
"he fucked it"
"raped by a 10ft rusty pole with razer blades and barbs"
"fatty fell over"
by Mreaper April 04, 2008
Thats so Funny!! ..Its the new lol!!
Omg she just fell over a chair..tsf!!
by Amanda Babii!! xxx August 10, 2007
Talking Shit Frequently - One who talks a lot of shit.
Man these fools are tsf'ing again.
by DarkSovereign September 27, 2005
Thats soo Funny! (With a High pitched inflection at the end)

- Sick Of LOL? Bring on TSF!
MSn conversation
"So The Chicken Walked across the road...)"

by Rossimho March 17, 2009

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