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Person who will try anything
Can be used for both genders

From Cheech and Chong's Movie The Corsican Brothers
Try-sexual guy : You gonna eat all of that apple

Try-sexual girl : Anybody got a ruler

(Examples not from movie)
by AIZ February 23, 2008
23 13
noun: a person who is willing to and/or has tried anything sexual anyone can think of with any other person or animal or inanimate object male or female
Todd: Dude, did you see Pete eating out Jimmy's ass?
Earl: Yeah, like, he's a total trysexual!
by Botched Abortion January 21, 2004
182 54
A young guy that is such a horn dog that he will try most anything sexual.
My buddy Shawn is a try-sexual: he fucked his girlfrind Mandy and her fag-hag buddy Travis.
by James Savik October 01, 2006
95 39
its when the person who is being called a trisexual is down to do anything and everything. Hence theyll try anything.
Ian's mom is a trysexual cuz she's down to try anything!!
by silly_megz May 24, 2007
56 35
A person who is willing to try anything or any one at least once! Does not mean there gay or a rug muncher, only unless they developed a sexual tendency to same sex play time.
I'm a trysexual I'll try anything once.
by apple4adam735 March 29, 2013
4 1
A person willing to do anything or has tried anything sexual, with a man, woman, or man-woman.
Nick: Yo jon Id totaly rail that chick if i was trysexual.

Jon: Ill do it! Cause im trysexual id try anything sexual
by Optotron August 21, 2010
14 12
Someone who will try anything sexual.
There is no shame in that trysexual game.
by International Giant August 28, 2013
1 2