Lousy pieces of shit made from brass, usually played by dumb asses who have no idea on how play, they're hated by every section. Usually classified as the utterly overrated section with shitty players. Famous trumpeters include douche bags such as Donald Trump.
Joe: God, I shouldn't have chosen trumpet.

James: Yeah, trombones are making us look like oboes.
by Semyour Butts April 12, 2011
cocky assholes who think they're "all that". so uncreative that they steal chants and dances from other sections in band.
Guy 1: "Man, I hate trumpets!"
Guy 2: "I know, right. They copied our chant except they changed it from "Elmo" to "Domo".
Guy 1: "What assholes!"
by bandgeek42 September 19, 2009
An instrument played by the cockiest of band members. Those who play the trumpet tend to think they are the gods of the band.
That arrogant bastard is such a trumpet.
by euphoniumshadow19 October 29, 2008
An instrument for the fails. Not as bad as clarinet but not as spazztasticly awesome as the saxophone. Trumpets are either horrid or awesome. No in between. Always get melody and always screw it up
Trumpets are horrible. Do not play the trumpet
by BabyJazmine February 01, 2010
One of the higher brass instruments, played by arrogant, and often assholish, persons. They do not think that they can do any wrong, and will never own up to scooping up to the pitch (although, ironically, they do it the most.) Is well known as 'the best instrument around', because trumpeteers are likely to spread that false fact around. It has a strange whiny sound, like that of a trombone, but without the low pitch to make it sound good. It doesn't sound bad when played right, but only sounds good in a group with other instruments.
I don't know why everyone likes trumpets so much.
by person13434534 April 11, 2009
although the trumpet resembles an inflated penis which is full of your mothers chicken it is not!!. it's made of brass.
Joe, licks the trumpet when he plays.
by That guy you know1# September 02, 2008
A feeble instrument played by people with huge egos that are usually short and or want attention. Somtimes thought of as the loudest instrument, but is actually scientifically proven to be quieter than a trombone, it's just higher, so the human ear picks it up easier. In reality, I, being a trombone player, can outplay the entire woodwind section of my band or about 3 trumpets. However, I don't, because I'm not a self-centered a-hole that things his instrument is awesome.
One trombone player is capable of outplaying(scientifically proven):4 french horns, 40 clarinets, 3 trumpets, 7 tubas.

If low brass stop supporting trumpet players with harmony and backround, the trumpets sound like shit. You people are part of the band too.
by Booooooooooob October 27, 2007
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