A brass instrument that is only played by either complete douchebags who think they have a huge musical talent or talentless people who just want to be in band. The douchebags only wear Abercrombie shirts and gay shorts, and walk the halls singing double octave scales thinking everybody likes them.
"The trumpet is the most important instrument in the band!"
"No, it's just the gayest."
by pezbrain July 01, 2009
a term used to describe a person as a piece of shit instrument that losers play in early highschool because they THINK it's cool.. but in reality, it's the worst of all the band instruments. it has no class, and is always gross.
man that jeremy kid is such a goddamn trumpet
by tobcore July 22, 2008
A simultaneous rim job and handjob.

J: Did you go home with that guy last night?

M: Yeah.

J: Did you fuck him?

M: No, but my ass is still tingling from the trumpet he gave me.
by JohnnyAZ May 22, 2006
A nickname given to one who regularly participates in gay sex with their employers. Sometimes, they may take it to extreme levels, resulting in giving a rusty trombone or a strawberry shortcake to their unfortunate bum loving boss.
Adrian: Do you want to come over to my place tonight?
Trumpet: Yes definately!
Adrian: Don't give me another strawberry shortcake, it really hurt last time!
by mr z September 28, 2006
A trumpet is a cone-shaped joint.
Swing me the trumpet, so I can play a tune.
by Diego November 28, 2003
Satan's gift to band.
Worst instrument in the entire world.
It is played by Brass-holes.
These evil things are always stuck into songs where they make no positive change.
Trumpets = My dog's shit.

Trumpet players can kiss my ass.
Hey, do you know the trumpet players juanpablo and edgar?
Trumpet? Let me get my shotgun.
by TheTrollInVegas July 19, 2011
Usually a very loud abnoxious instrument. Usually the conductor or band director will play one; probably because it's way louder than the rest of the instruments.
"What comes after a conductors cut-off? A trumpet solo!"
"Who is that abnoxious girl? Oh thats the trumpet player."
by Briittaanyyy November 16, 2005

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