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fat and/or lose. may be used to describe a female or her genitalia.
s- so apparently, they fuck often.
a- i bet she's trueno.
s- couldn't have said it better myself.
by summonme September 22, 2010
39 13
A model by Toyota that has become famous for the sport of drifting, specifically model years 1983-1986. Also famous because of the Japanese anime show "Initial D". The name Trueno was primarily used in Japan; the full model name is/was Toytoa Sprinter Trueno. Known in America as the Toyota Corolla Sport Coupe/Hatchback, in SR5 and GTS trim. Similar to the Levin; main difference is that the Trueno has pop-up headlights. See photos for pics of the Japanese market coupe and liftback models from 1987.
I'd rather drift a Trueno than a Chaser.
by Rolie Platnin July 19, 2005
40 31
Mexican term for a "fart"
Dude, that chick had some bean burritos and later that day she let some truenos loose
by coolerthanyouu July 19, 2009
4 13
so much better than a levin, goes faster because of pop-up headlights.
my trueno will slaughter all ricer shit
by natho August 02, 2003
17 28
A toyota with DOHC used for drifting most of the time with rear drum brakes(crap) The same as the levin unless it is SR-5 instead of GTS. Unless the pop up lights mess up the flow of wind and slow it down with a little drag.
Uh dont know what to put here
by joejoe22802 October 09, 2004
8 22
The speed of light is faster than sound! Hence, levin is faster than trueno!
by Angel August 06, 2003
7 21
a car that is slower than a levin
"my levin will leave ur trueno for dust"
by Dan July 30, 2003
3 33