People who are wiling to risk everything they have for each other. People who get the butterflies even two years after they've been together when they say 'I love you.' When life seems like a suddenly better place, & when smiles never get old.
Lilah Silverman and Luke Calo define true love; forevers<3
by youismuhhbabaaay December 25, 2009
Intrusive thinking, when every single thing reminds you of him/her and your heart feels like its going to burst!!!

(True Love)
Have You Ever Yearned Another

Have you ever yearned another
yet the lover had no care
has a tear escaped your eye
yet no more would even dare

does your heart melt melt with a glance
as you offer up a prayer
when you look into their heart
does you heart yearn to be there

have you wanted them so badly
that your heart would start to bleed
have you tried to say I love you
yet a voice would not proceed

don't lend your heart to love dear friend
let your tears fall like the rain
a healing heart will break again
and sadness will remain

you'll ponder thoughts of real love
and wonder if there're true
pity takes no place in life
upon a heart so blue

grand is love yet merciless
the price to pay is high
a choice to take of love or death
my heart would rather die

never lend your heart to love
you'll find my words are true
don't doubt me friend for I should know
I fell in love with you

Jen Amaya
by Kuf360 April 03, 2007
when you cant explain what is happening to you,the person you love means the world to you, you feel empty without them
everytime you hear or see them u get a feelin deep down u jst wana hold them n lay in there arms forever
and never let go
having sex isnt jst pure lust n thrust
its who u do it with
pure love is only something u inside can feel no1 else can explain it only u can put words for it
|x| t o o "M Y" s e x y b a b y |x|
|x| l o v e y h o o w i t a l l m y |x|
|x| H E A R T |x|
|x| A N D M O R E......F O R E V E R |x|
|X|A N D E V E R |X|
|x|T h i s i s t r u e l o v e |x|
|x|you know true love when u find it!trust me!
by i cant let go off my baby boo January 27, 2007
True love is being with the person you love even if they are already married (because the love the other person previously thought was their true love turned out not to be) and betraying the Allied Forces by giving secret information to the Nazis, and thereby allowing others to be killed or injured e.g. having thumbs cut off, just so that you can reach the one you love even though she/he has already died from blood loss, thirst etc in an ancient desert cave.
"Promise me you'll come back for me. "
"I promise, I'll come back for you. I promise, I'll never leave you."
And that's true love!
by TherealAlmasy December 19, 2012
The feeling that nothing else matters in the entire universe but the way he smells, tastes, feels, holds your hand, and kisses your forehead.
True love is Sleeping in the same bed as someone and you both still dream about eachother.
by Beckadonk January 20, 2012
when one who is partial is made whole by another, they're love is shared with one another, one always tries to love the other more while the other is trying to do the same, they get through every up and down in their lives, no matter how hard it is, because true love persists.
but everyone has their own definition of true love, but for some, true love is seen when they lock eyes with the one they love, and they both see their whole world in one another's eyes, and their hearts beat together in sync
love romance eternity are all parts of true love, but everyone writes their own definition as they see fit
by Romeo Gatsby May 25, 2011
True love is Unconditional love.
True love lasts forever!
True love is the amazing feelings and butterflies you get.
True love is the way you smile when he's around.
True love is being completely comfortable with eachother.
True love is respect.
True love is genuine.
True love started on 11.24.10<3
True love is Matt & Becka! <3
by Jakabwkana March 27, 2011

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