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True Love is what happens when you meet the person that G*d meant you to be with. When you get to know them, you will realize you always knew them since you can remember and that your lives were exactly parallel. You were growing up with them in the spirit before you met physically. Your hands and bodies will look and fit together like puzzle pieces. When you touch, you will experience physical sensations that one might call spiritual like burning and vibrations and magnets. This person can make you happy and feel a deep joy deep in your bones. You will literally hear what they're heart whispers and be able to respond accordingly. You will share dreams. The relationship will have a life all it's own, you won't have to try for it, struggle to keep it, it will be easy and content. This person will move move mountains to find you and keep you. You will work like clockwork together. Love making will be amazing and mind blowing, this person will know exactly what, when and how to be with you romantically. No one will ever compare to this person or come close. This person will have the same goals and values, beliefs and dreams for a better life and you never had to tell them. There will be doors that open for you both to succeed. Never let this person go.
"If there is a G*d, that couple was made for each other, that, or they were made in a lab."

"Oh, that's Samuel and Josie, they aren't married yet, but it totally seems like it, right?!"

(Everyone wherever you go)
"Awwwww, that's true love and I can tell because I feel it too and I'm just walking by, they are so cute OMG, I want that too, awwww the world has some redeeming qualities after all."
by Sunsetpalms April 07, 2013

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