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term used to confirm appreciation of fact. see also: true dat, fo real and truesay.
gent in bowler hat: "i say this train is like a tin of sardines!"

youth involuntarily sniffing his armpit: "true that"
by Andrew Duffy February 12, 2004
2 2
Ghetto form of true, indeed, yep, I concur, I agree, that's true
Person One: Yo, dis shit is da bomb for sheezy

Person Two: True dat!
by Kevin February 16, 2004
328 81
A confirming response, short for 'that is true". Also, a white man's version of 'true dat'.
'Yo, is that babe fine or what?'
'True that!'
by Nima February 11, 2004
173 68
1. Used after something said, to show agreeance.
2. ghetto talk for "ditto"
3."I agree"
1a." man, that show last night was the bomb"
2a."true that"
by Albert February 10, 2004
81 34
a phrase meaning "that is true"
Rob: Yo that girl's hot.
Bob: True that.
by Ty February 17, 2004
56 25
that is right, i agree
"that girl is pretty" "true that"
by Bryann February 15, 2004
47 24
Another form of "that's true"
"This cheese kicks ass!"
"True that dawg!"
by Beenz February 11, 2004
29 10
usually spelled "tru-dat" Its another way of saying "yup" or "you got that right". You can find a variety of people saying this, African-American's, Caucasian's, Oriental's etc... It's just another way of agreeing on a subject that a person has just said.
Jim: Man, I can't believe what a hor Jessica is!
Mark: True-that! (or tru-dat!)
by blackcat February 15, 2004
15 5