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To wander aimlessly with no purpose or direction with confidence.

Warning: this more often than not recruits more people to follow along on the journey to no where with hope of an outcome. (these people are called "trudgees")
-Today I "trudged" along the beach and found these women.

-Tonight I will "trudge" around this camp site
(prime culperates for "trudging" are campers and hippies"

-E.g. Forest Gump "Trudged" when he went for his 2 year jog

by Batesy January 12, 2006
44 35
"To Trudge: the slow weary depressing yet determined walk of a man (or woman) who has nothing left in his (or her) life except the impulse to simply soldier on." (Chaucer, "A Knight's Tale")
"{Chaucer} Morning! Morning! {William} Why sir, what are you doing? {Chaucer} Uh, trudging. You know, Trudging? To Trudge?"
by Tifee May 02, 2006
115 31
A person who decides who is the real troll out of two trolls trolling at each other.
1-"Hey this game sucks!"
2-"NO!! You Suck!"
1-"Stop trollin troll!"
2-"Im not trollin your trollin!!"
3-"Looks like we need Trudge."
by RedAvery December 15, 2010
5 15
To go somewhere that you don't necessarily want to go...with style.
Ron, it's time to go to school. A'ight, c'mon. Let's trudge.
by Hallie Corson March 02, 2004
11 35