(n.) A variation of the baseball cap that is oversized and rectangular. Worn by truckers (obviously), kiddie fiddlers (often truckers anyway), white trash (often truckers, incestors and/or kiddie fiddlers), the crew of punk'd and people who think trucker hats are cool because someone on tv has them.
I bought a trucker cap and shades but now whenever children see me they hide behind their parents.
by Gumba Gumba June 13, 2004
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a $40 hat worn by sorostitutes because "white trash is soooo cool this year!"
"Oh my God Christy! You have to see this great trucker hat I got at American Eagle yesterday! It's soooooo much like a real trucker hat, only I paid $40 for it! Aren't I cool?!"
by sara February 12, 2004
Mesh cap, puffy front, usually with a witty saying on it, usually with a drunken jackass under it.
White Trash Chic is in this year, with such examples as the Trucker Cap & Kid Rock
by blingladen February 02, 2004
An overpriced baseball cap. See Von Dutch clothing/apparell.
California has a lot of places that sell Von Dutch.
by Ryan Thompson July 15, 2004
Caps that preppy teen girls wear. Usually say "Von Dutch" or "John Deere" or something to that effect.
No one takes trucker caps seriously, they're a fad that will be gone in a month or two. Take it off.
by bryan August 05, 2004
A "Ballcap" like cap - but the more "vertical" (in front - above the cap's bill) version (as opposed to the slated back (or rounded back) - polo kind of cap.)
Also known as "Ballcap"
Also known as "Cap"
Also known as "Hat"
An Icon of America! A symbol Representing the millions of hard working Americans who work hard - to pay their taxes and make better lives for themselves and their communities. (Relative to its popularity in the USA) Most often worn by "Hard working" "Middle class" Americans.
"Me and the boys pulled on our "trucker caps" and cowboy hats - before headin' into town to have us a little fun on Saturday night".
by Redneck March 12, 2004
The hat that makes Ashton Kutcher look butt ugly. Sometimes sold on the street with graffitti on them. White trash cap gone popular and really cool looking.
I love the way Pharell looks in his Trucker. He's so hot
by Chloe March 20, 2004
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