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An easy way to say "that's true" no matter what race you are.
Girl one:"That boy is sooo hott."
Girl two:"Tru dat!"
by B September 10, 2004
That's true.
X-Fest was 'da bomb this year! Tru-Dat, Tru-Dat
by The Anrkissed January 12, 2014
the same as saying "thats true" or "correct" or "i agree"
"You are good at basketball"

"tru dat"
by ethan[ j.k. LIVIN ] January 07, 2009
A phrase used by those who speak ebonics (negroes) as a response of affirmation.
Poser: Did you see that boat snag my zebco?
Wannabe: Tru dat!
Poser: Eh, come back my zebco!
by Mai Vang June 29, 2004
being tru to a gangsta
Hey man my ass is chaffing.
tru dat
by J-(cash)money April 06, 2006
1. A gay, effed up way to say thats true.
Notice how about 70% of people who say "tru dat" are white people trying to act black. About 15% are saying it because they hear others say it. And 10% say "tru dat" because they are black and cannot comprehend "big words" in sequence like "thats true", so they must shorten it to a level where even the common house fly will understand it.
(wigger 1) "Wow. I'm one gay ass mother, because I try and act black!"

(wigger 2) "Tru dat!"
by Ugoff August 08, 2004