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to hump, possibly like a wild animal

to sexor
rage_grrl trows fluffypanda
by Lahroon October 04, 2003
31 20
Short for "trousers." First authored by comic genius Jack Black.
"The doctor made me drop trow."
by allisonic December 17, 2003
34 22
Another spelling for "true." Trow is often used by the same people who exclaim "OMG" and "LOLZ."
Dat answer is trow.

Yo, dawgity-dawg, he's telling da trow storie.
by Dan Drucker July 08, 2004
12 16
Used to describe something serious messed up or stupid. Named after Tom Trower by its inventor Jason Phipps
"You've really trowed that up"
"Im having a trow"
by pmiddl February 20, 2008
6 11
In rowing terminology, spandex.
Also "trou."
His trow reeked after a week of practice.
by JP O December 21, 2003
8 16
v. fr. throw To provide one with a beat-down.
Hernando gonna trow you a beat-down.
by Carl Willis November 04, 2003
6 15