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a penis ,dick, or cock
my trouser trout wants to jump into your lake
by boomer2 July 28, 2003
trouser trout: One of many colorful, euphemistic ways men describe their sex organ.
I was nude, she gasped,"holy shit BassMaster, that's no ordinary "trouser trout", that's a freakin lunker.
by rockinjellyfish April 23, 2006
The penis, in all its glory. A wondrous organ, usually found between the legs on human males. origin of this phrase is uncertain, although it may have something to do with the aroma a male penis can take on when left unwashed for a while...
Stop playing with your trouser trout, Jimmy!
by T. Rouser Trout October 10, 2007
Best served smothered and covered in underwear!
Do I got a Big Mac?? How 'bout a nice big serving of trouser trout, assclown?
by J. Malik March 17, 2006
What a fisherman brings home to his girlfriend or wife to eat when he doesn't catch a fish. (His penis)
Honey, I'm home from fishing. I hope your in the mood for trouser-trout, I just got done cleaning it. It's alright with me if you want to share it with your girl friend.
by ZZZ4 October 18, 2009
A penis, particularly one being masturbated.
Hey, that guys skinning the trouser trout
by Goos January 24, 2006
When a man has intercourse with a nasty, rank, woman's vagina and proceeds to not shower within a 5 hour period, therefore causing his dick to smell like a rotten fish.
Jeff suffered from some mean Trouser Trout after that night with the lot-lizard!
by Butler Butt Clogger February 08, 2012
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