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Another word for the male genetalia. Man's loyal friend that sniffs out adventure in ladies' pants.
Guy: Can't find a seat? You can sit on my lap.

Girl: No thanks. I don't want to risk making your trouser schnauzer frisky.
by SexRobot July 26, 2010
A type of cloth-dwelling mongrel notable for its prominent beard and hairy jowls. It requires moderate to heavy exercise, and is particularly fond of a one-handed rough-up.
Harry Wharton: "I say, Bunter, that ruddy bully has taken orf with your cream bun!"
Billy Bunter: "Ah yes, but little does the blighter know said cream is in fact a generous dollop of fuck chuck, supplied by none other than my faithful trouser schnauzer in anticipation of such unwanted liberation. Woot!"
by Mr Marky January 30, 2008