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A type of cloth-dwelling mongrel notable for its prominent beard and hairy jowls. It requires moderate to heavy exercise, and is particularly fond of a one-handed rough-up.
Harry Wharton: "I say, Bunter, that ruddy bully has taken orf with your cream bun!"
Billy Bunter: "Ah yes, but little does the blighter know said cream is in fact a generous dollop of fuck chuck, supplied by none other than my faithful trouser schnauzer in anticipation of such unwanted liberation. Woot!"
by Mr Marky January 30, 2008
Another word for the male genetalia. Man's loyal friend that sniffs out adventure in ladies' pants.
Guy: Can't find a seat? You can sit on my lap.

Girl: No thanks. I don't want to risk making your trouser schnauzer frisky.
by SexRobot July 26, 2010
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