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The result of pulling the end of your shirt through your undone flies to a lenghty extent, then partially zipping the trousers up, leaving the shirt to stand erect as if it were a weiner poking through. Especially effective when practised on buses, in full view of pedestrians and other passengers.
I enjoy shocking passers-by by hip-thrusting my bulging trouser weiner.
by Mattyhoo December 21, 2006
To poke the bottom of one's shirt (preferably a button up) through the zip in the your trousers. This created a weiner type effect, but with the material of your shirt as opposed to an actual penis. To obtain an erection like effect do the zip up all the way to the top, trapping the shirt. This will make it stand up.
Callum made the funniest trouser weiner on the bus today! It was 6 inches high!
by JoshuaFoShizzle November 28, 2006
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