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A socialist (not a communist) who follows the political ideas of intellectual Soviet Revolutionary and writer Leon Trotsky. Trotsky belived that democracy can not survive in a capitalist system (because it will be overtaken by the oppressive elite, sound familiar?), and that socialism can not exist without regular democratic elections (because it will be overtaken by a egomaniacal fascist piece of shit like Stalin, Lenin, or Mao). They also belive that the ultimate goal of socialism is to bring about world peace and create a global community where all people are equal. Naturally, Trotskyists (or trots) are hated by both right wing AND left wing fascists.
Socialism needs democracy like the human body needs oxygen. - Leon Trotsky, the original Trotskyist.
by Rev. Lee August 06, 2006
A Stalinist who doesn't have any political power.
Hand me the ice pick.
by eugene February 01, 2004
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