rhymes with crotch. derogatory name for a female who carries herself in a way which is nearly impossible to respect.
"Yo, that girl's such a trotch, did you see her all over his friends too?"
by jens March 18, 2004
Top Definition
An extremely trampy and slutty woman; a home wrecker. A combination of the word tramp and crotch.
Mommy doesn't love daddy anymore because daddy chose to love that trotch across the street, Susan.
by Eric Arthur Anderson September 12, 2005
skank who's vag is dirty and/or overpounded, comes from the combination of the words trashy and crotch....
Be careful with that trotch... she's a one way ticket to herpes!
by gtroubles September 03, 2009
1. a dimwitted female.

2. a pathalogical liar prone to sudden outbursts of drama, and psychotic episodes.

3. Someone who continues to deny the truth even when proven to be blatantly lying.
"I can't believe there is a thread still going on about this stupid ass trotch... "

"She keeps being a skanky trotch."
by Nunyabizness August 03, 2005
A Montreal based record label
The Trotch Discography
by Indie fan November 19, 2006
An insulting word used when someone is a combination of: tramp, bitch, snatch...
What a trotch, I cant believe she did that...
by JM April 10, 2003
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