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- tangleberries
- Winnits
by Friends of Jock September 03, 2003
when something works as the best example of its kind.
The two are both tropt and near enough identical.

that is a tropt choice in clothing
by megaWookey September 02, 2003
First attempt at building a web site
1. Jeez, Benny's web site is a bit tropt

2. See the red x on that site, a bit tropt if u ask me
by AngryJockey August 11, 2003
The sensitive and rapid degeneration of an encounter due to the behaviour of a single entity.
1) The party was a blast, until mike fully tropt out and everyone left.
2) The commercial success of the company was, in part, due to the tropt factor.
3) The project was tropt, because of the regional manager stepping in.
by tski July 25, 2003
Something dumb.
You are tropt.
by Dr. Seuss June 07, 2003
A bit on the nose
- Checked out that new breakfast ceral, seemed a bit tropt to me

- Was tropin' out reading Phantom comics

- The gents room at the traiin station was a bit tropt
by anon September 03, 2003
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