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mad angry lost the plot. usually associated with the tropics or hot weather. similar to road rage
also similar to postal but not as extreme.
what's his problem?
he's gone troppo mate
by genkigrrl October 25, 2004
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Term used for Polynesian people. Troppo derives from the word 'Tropical' signifying Polynesians in their geographical location (or where they should be instead of living in your country, milking your social development system).

Specifically, Troppos originate from the islands of Samoa, Tonga, Niue and Fiji.

Troppos cannot speak properly and pronounce 'B' as a P, and vice versa.

Often Troppos emigrate to New Zealand where they inter-mate with the indigenous Maori orangutans to create a light fingered, violent, negral strain of coffee coloured apes.

Troppos miss brain cells, due to severe violence and head injuries inflicted in their childhood life. Also the fact that they are a species of ape, they cannot function with the intelligence that a normal white Homo Sapien takes for granted.

Troppos drink alcohol beyond comprehensive levels, causing them to become violent, and sexually active. Troppos native instincts and primitive core brian lobes, cause them to use their violence to impregnate female Troppos or Homo Sapiens.
Troppo: Beater, barse me the paul (Peter, pass me the ball)

Victim: Damn! My quarter-light window is broken and my car has be ransacked.
Witness: Well, I did see a Troppo scraping his knuckles around your car about ten minutes ago.

Customer: "Hi, I'll order the KFC crispy burger."
Retailer: "Would you like to Up-Size that order sir?"
Customer: "Do I look like a Troppo to you"
Retailer: "I guess not, it was the smell that confused me"
by Refreshment Boxx March 30, 2010
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TROPPO means "too much" in italian. An italian who has overindulged in a plate of tortelloni may say "Ho mangiato troppo," which translates to "I have eaten too much." Troppo can be used to describe anything that is "too much" or "over the top" such as an outfit, or drinking in excessed (see verb form, TROPPED)
examples of using TROPPO in conversation include:
1. Her outfit is TROPPO! (in reference to someone wearing something excessive or heinous...or just TOO MUCH)
2. Dude, I got TROPPED last night. (in refference to drinking TOO MUCH)
3. That guy is TROPPO. He will never shut up. (in reference to someone who bothers or annoys you, or is TOO MUCH to handle.)
by J.M. Jr. June 02, 2007
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short for tropical ulcer of the kind that you get in places like darwin
i cut myself last week and now it's gone troppo!
by genkigrrl October 25, 2004
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Suggests that one has caught a disease while visiting the tropics and has subsequently gone insane.
"HA! The fuzzy cheese is mine! All mine!"
"'ve gone troppo, haven't you?"
by Aello April 02, 2006
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Huge tits!!!.. was derived from a shop called troppo with a cartoon picture of a lady with ridiculously large boobs
*Guy sees girl with large chest, calls his mate* then yells,, TROPPO!!! whilst pointing his finger at the nominated girl
by hazdaddy3941 September 27, 2009
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